Our end-to-end services take projects from inception to long-term activation



Sustainable cities are our passion.

We see benefits for cities, communities and businesses when gaps between the private and public sector are fluid, and a dialogue between the real estate and creative industries sector is in place. Unique strategies and concepts can contribute to a sustainable growth and positive effect on cities, and businesses alike. Taking into consideration that urban environments are heavily concrete, we have to take responsibility in how these are developed, how investments are placed and managed, and how communities are engaged. Each piece needs to be seen as part of a bigger picture.

Our efforts are focused on helping neighbourhoods, cities and therefore countries, to filter and evaluate relevant resources, to create strategic concepts that can raise the brand power, values and benefits of cities we live in. Our process takes into consideration existing regulations and strategies towards the real estate sector, the country’s’ FDI strategies, relevant cities’s major urban planning strategies, as well as the country’s economic and brand growth aspirations.


We develop strategies and usability concepts for real estate and the private public sector.
These concepts range from retail mix strategies, F&B and hospitality concepts, design, and all the way to defining proportions, sectors and values. We create efficient retail mixes, analyse brands, source unique and successful entrepreneurs, build strategic partnerships, negotiate advantageous deals and create unique stories for our clients. Our concepts and strategies are backed by strong research, experience with global cultures and mentalities, access to international networks and more than 20 years of professional experience. We bring spaces and places to life.


We research, strategise, conceptualise, execute and to some degree operate mixed-use developments — be it co-Living, co-housing, or co-working alongside retail or entertainment environments. Based on city analysis, research and global observation we create mixed-use spaces that become strong brands and profitable real estate. We develop commercial, creative and cultural strategies that will add value to the property while making it a must destination for tenants, communities, artists, companies and visitors alike.


Public bidding processes require knowledge of local rules and regulations, political networks as well as governmental and municipal strategies. They require lobbying skills and understanding of urban developments. We develop concepts and strategies for bidding processes that are attractive for both — the investor and the city alike, in order to increase the possibility of success.


We develop concepts for the hospitality and/ or residential sector, be it hotels, hostels, high-end apartments, lofts or members-clubs. We support the process from defining the right location to design strategy, choosing architectural firms or going through licensing processes.


We use art and design as a communication tool, we create art installations that are beneficial for communities as well businesses alike. We curate and produce content programming in the form of exhibitions and events that help brand and position the property, driving its sales and long-term growth of the asset value.


Defining, shaping and growing communities. Each space or project only comes alive once people occupy it and make it their own. Success requires a fine understanding of cultures, mentalities and expert intuition to engage with people in the right away.


We use art and design as a communication, marketing or sales tool, as well as a medium to set trends and activate spaces. We work with international artists, represent them and engage with them to build communities. We use art and design as a tool for innovation, creating unique stories and adding to sustainable growth besides brand value.


We bring buildings and places to live. We write stories and conceptualise buildings and places through design and craftsmanship.
We deliver interior installations to complement the built environment, using each piece to build a brand story and create opportunities for media and public exposure besides quality finishings.


Following market analysis, we develop the brand concept and visual identity, affiliate products as part of a projects’ merchandising and sales strategies. Prior to project completion, we build a pool of potential clients, host events and create relevant networking opportunities.


Content for online and print media. Tailored stories, observations and analysis. We create magazines, blogs, videos and other communication tools necessary to promote and sell projects.


We develop investment strategies and source on-and off-market investment opportunities based on current market values and city development trends.
We study real estate opportunities, not only from the price per square metre, but also in respect towards city growth and tendencies. We study projects from usability, legal, tax, rehabilitation and growth perspectives.
We understand architecture, speak design and calculate operations.

Foundation workshops

A successful project requires a strong foundation.
We start with an in-depth analysis and expert intuition of the status quo. We then strategically construct what’s present into a new idea that has a chance to grow into to a solid business and brand.

The creative

Creativity as a tool for innovation and Creative Industries as a driver for growth.


Raising value and margins through creativity.