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cities are
living cities

In order to sustain the cities of today and create better ones tomorrow, “living” needs to be at the heart of Real Estate projects again.

Urbanization and globalization push cities into accelerating development. Urban populations growing exponentially put health and comfort at the forefront of modern ideals. Smart cities build sustainably to welcome this change. However, building sustainably means more than natural resources and physical health. It also means building emotionally satisfying and intellectually stimulating environments. It involves development processes that enhance the city’s cultural identity, history and character, and that engage both its traditions and its future-focused creativity.

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It is no longer enough to simply develop luxury residences and place them on the market. Each Real Estate project seeks to derive maximum value from every square metre. But they can derive even more value by seeing beyond their four walls. Sophisticated buyers want properties that enrich the communities where they reside. Envisioning every project as part of a bigger picture guarantees the creation of maximum, long-term value for direct stakeholders and for society alike.

Benefits for Developers

Every Real Estate project presents a unique challenge to be economically viable while also being innovative, and socially and culturally considerate. Conscientious developers who take account of the area, city, country and world surrounding their project are building the cities of tomorrow. Their projects achieve greater return on investment due to the outstanding image and loyalty that come from “brand love”.

On one hand, embracing creativity as a marketing and PR strategy has proven to generate business directly, delivering faster sales and rentals due to a project’s prestige as a local landmark. On the other, supporting this good cause acts as a planted seed to which, when cultivated, the community responds naturally, creating a second, more organic type
of PR and marketing.

Benefits for Cities

In cities around the world, gentrification is happening so fast that development threatens to leave traditions, lifestyles and culture behind. Uniting a city’s Real Estate with its Creative Industries ensures that important facets remain intact in the process of growth. Integrating new residents while promoting the local culture maintains that which makes cities attractive. It fosters coordination and cooperation rather than competition, ensuring that local populations share in the benefits of growth and support new development.

Benefits for Communities

While developing strategies targeting certain groups, it is important to consider the effect on society as a whole. For example, thinking creatively, projects aimed at the artistic scene can become attractive to corporations, or initiatives for students can also serve the needs of the elderly, so that different sectors and populations benefit. Communication between Real Estate and Creative Industries opens that dialogue. Communities then enjoy social value-added, such as inclusiveness and diversity, which creates opportunities for new investment and fosters further development in an organic way.




Defining the purpose, meaningful investments and projects as a strategy



Translate an idea into a unique strategic business concept – utilising existing platforms, connecting the dots, beyond the obvious, the gap as a source for innovation, cultures and mentalities as an indication, education matters



Sustainability beyond architecture, Design Thinking processes, Circular Economy, Recycling, Up-cycling, Shared Economy, CSR as a marketing tool, the human approach



Building a brand via strong communities — through content, engagement, care and purpose



Creativity as a tool for innovation and Creative Industries as driver for growth